That's a wrap for 2021

Well, we all know what the 2021 event will be remembered for....the wind! We have never seen such a jumbled collection of twisted string and scattered clips as we collected all the flags. Top marks go to all you riders as nearly all of you rode for the entire (or very close to) 7 hours.

As event organisers there are three main things we pray for:

Firstly - a decent number of entries, not so much for the financials but to ensure that the event day has a 'buzz' about it. Nearly 60 teams! Thankyou for the support:-)

Secondly - That the mobile phone doesn't ring for at least two hours - and it didnt! So we knew the course must have been in order.

Thirdly, and most importantly, that all riders return safely - and you did! So a great day.

Full results can be found under the 'event info' tab but congratulations to our overall winning team 'Ads and Dave' who collected 630, out of a total 770, points. Also, a very big shout out to Womens Vet team 'Two Old Ducks' who were only 20 points further back in overall second place - a very comendable effort!

My personal thanks again to all volunteers, who at this stage, have said they will be back for 2022! So please tell all your friends and lets get this event back up to 100 plus teams!

Cheers, Scott

P.S. for info on more great events during the Heritage Festival go to Heritage Festival

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